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We will continue our efforts and join hands. At the beginning of the new year, the overall work layout will be preliminary. We will step up our efforts to ensure the logistics of civil aviation, and provide luggage, clothing, and matching leather goods. For the project, we are again grateful to 85 airlines and government units from the Civil Aviation Administration of China. We are willing to take off with civil aviation, bring our products to airplanes, and bring blue sky and white clouds.


Since 2019, the layout of the aviation area in the New District has gradually improved, and large projects and good projects have settled in the area. In the bonded areas, high-tech zones, and the western zone of the Economic Development Zone, industrial clusters with large aircraft and helicopters as the core industry have formed. Approved enterprises with high-end research and development capabilities and technology achievement transformation capabilities, and these three areas have become the national aerospace industry innovation and achievement transformation demonstration base. On the whole, aviation companies in the new zone have been characterized by large numbers, high technology, large scale, and significant economic benefits.


In 2020, the “Big Aircraft” project, which is the business card of the new district, will be continued to further promote development. In the middle of the year, the Airbus Tianjin assembly line achieved its stated goal of producing six aircraft a month in advance. In addition, the Airbus A320 fuselage system assembly project signed in the Free Trade Zone during the Direct Expo held in October represented an extension of China-Europe cooperation. Chen Ming, deputy director of the Aviation Production Center of the Management Committee of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, said: “The signing of the project means that Tianjin’s aviation industry is no longer limited to the level of final assembly, and is slowly moving to a deeper and higher level of technology. From component production to component assembly and even maintenance services, the aviation industry has gradually formed a production model of the entire industry chain. “In addition, in 2019, supporting projects for the helicopter industry in the new area have also settled in batches. For example, Huaya Aviation Co., Ltd. plans to relocate its subsidiary Reignwood Aviation (Beijing) Co., Ltd. to Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. At present, the new area is based on the AVIC Helicopter Base, further expanding the scope of cooperation, expanding the R & D and production of new helicopters of light and medium pedigrees, and international cooperation, and focusing on promoting the development of aviation emergency rescue products, personnel training and the construction of operating bases, etc., and expanding the navigation industry chain


In the logistics supply department, the entire civil aviation system is a huge group, especially in the supply of flight cases, flight cases, flight bags, and suit bags. The number of purchases has increased from 100K pieces per month to 150K. We have maintained and developed , Bidding and other ways to further increase the supply chain, we are grateful to the government and the Civil Aviation Authority for the high degree of affirmation, and the guarantee contract mechanism, as the designated supplier we go all out, rejecting defective and inferior products, high-end is the goal. Congratulations to Tianjin Port for its remarkable achievements. We will always adhere to the correct values, the right way, and the right way to continue cooperation.

Post time: Jan-02-2020
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