Sweden Innovation

We have not been to the Nordic people to go there, where the scenery is picturesque and the scenery is pleasant. It is a good place to travel. In today’s society, the cost of labor in northern Europe is very expensive. When you drive on the road, you will not see much more. Pedestrians, unlike people who are busy in Asian countries, when people pass the zebra crossing, the driver will slow down and let the pedestrians go first. You have to know that in Asia and not because there are only more than 900 in Sweden. Ten thousand people, no factory, many of their office space is shared and shared. You can sit in a coffee shop in one day and start your day with your own computer. If you are tired, you can go to the next room to make a cup of coffee and chat with friends. Chat, in a few days you can complete a unique design, design a backpack, a box, a handbag, you can play all your imagination, in Sweden you can feel the beauty of the sea, one night is so quiet, The supermarket closed early,



If you are here first, you will be very uncomfortable, because if you don’t have time to eat because of the time difference, you may have to go hungry. Sweden has a lot of innovations. Volvo Cars, the headquarters of IKEA furniture are here, people will rack their brains. Develop new products and finally come to China to find processing plants. You must know that China is the world’s largest trading country, manufacturing country, and has a very mature processing system. It is not Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and innovation. Many new bags appear in the market, probably from the hands of Swedish designers, never doubt their talent and innovation, Swedish businessmen pay great attention to product quality, very concerned about the production process, and even come to the site every time, until Receiving finished goods, Asian factories need to learn a lot. Admirecase is committed to creating new ideas, and opening up this mysterious business country with people from Northern Europe. You will receive unexpected results and deepen the commercial trade between the two places. Contacts, starting with a simple design, concept, a drawing


Post time: Sep-10-2019
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