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At present,there are many kinds of bags on the market.People still pursue luxury brands as always, but many consumers cannot buy them because of the high cost. Although many luxury brands are hundreds of years old,their production is actually done in Asia. I dont have a factory at all, I don’t want to hire workers to work. The expensive labor cost is not only the brand value, but now more and more people are starting to create their own private brands to promote. With the passage of time, the brand and quality will be popular. Consumer acceptance will gradually become profitable, but how to find a promising manufacturer or a custom supplier is a headache for many brand founders. They have to constantly search for comparisons around the world. Long-term business trips lead entrepreneurs to work hard.



Now Admirecase is in the process of solving the founder’s top priority, creating and linking many factors for the global luggage enthusiasts, the founder to provide a strong, quality control processing custom factory, for this reason, our team went to Sweden in 2018 discuss with entrepreneurs how to make breakthroughs in quality control and design, which can open up the Nordic market and give consumers more choices in the market. For the development of a bag, the most important fashion, practical, Healthy, light, for 17 years we have been looking for global partners to achieve profit sharing, establish a sound supply, sales channels, build trust and long-term mechanisms, if you also have a bag that you want to label yourself, go to Admirecase need more help, they can achieve the original picture, design,customized finished product processing in the shortest time, and finally let you receive satisfactory products, facing the market and the world from now on


Post time: Sep-10-2019
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