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Admirecase Industrial Co.,Ltd will take part in Hongkong Fashion Show every year to promote our new designs,as we know,the HKTDC organises a broad spectrum of more than 320 trade fairs and promotional activities, 590 networking and outreach events, and receives smoe 650 trade missions, helping Hong Kong’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) connect with business clients and partners around the world.meanwhile more and more garment manufacturing joined them like Admirecase company to get favourable fashion info and potential partners.
The HKTDC responses to latest global and regional economic developments and policies to help Hong Kong and mainland China SMEs capture new opportunities. With China’s Belt and Road Initiative presenting tremendous potential in new markets, the HKTDC provides Belt and Road related market intelligence and creates business platforms to help China businesses navigate a world of new opportunities through Hong Kong.Admirecase Industrial Co.,Ltd has received different new orders from overseas buyer,This is a heart-stirring message really。

Post time: Oct-18-2018
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