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We vaguely remember to travel to Italy and France in August of this year. We stayed in these two countries for about 10 days. The scenery in Italy is very good. It was awakened by the crisp bird outside the hotel early in the morning. After breakfast, we went along the way to the north, several of us discussed the hearty breakfast while enjoying the scenery along the way, the trees are shaded, and the birds are fragrant. I like this environment too much. Maybe this is the most desirable living environment. The flow in the stream is crisp and clear. It is very clean. Although there is a hint of coolness in the morning, it will not disturb our aesthetic mood, but I still can’t understand why. Italians like to eat cold food. When they look at the table early in the morning, they are all cold objects. Actually they are not suitable. Fortunately I asked the waiter to have a cup of hot coffee.


We drove on the way to the Italian factory. I barely saw the factory along the way. Instead, many buildings were one after another, full of art, very refined and elegant. We stayed at St. Mark’s Square and four people tasted red cocktail together, listening to music, watching the endless pedestrians, I think we will definitely be worthwhile. I marvel at Italian landscape and human art, appreciate the designer’s intention to build on each building, and strive for excellence. This is why Italy has so many luxury goods sold all over the world, Gucci founded in 1921, Armani in 1975, prada in 1913. Why don’t admirecase enterprises continue to pursue and innovate to create a century-old enterprise,


Nowadays, social enterprises are too lacking in the spirit of rushing to the peak. We are also very happy to have plans to exchange ideas with famous Italian designers. We insist on selling and design bag&luggages in Admirecase,in the world’s harvesting hopes and knowledge. Every year our team will select excellent talents to share and go. Develop and analyze the luggage market, compare with the ancestors, advance with the times and create the future

Post time: Oct-07-2019
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