Leather Identification

Admirecase leather from the general quality of a material is divided into: natural leather ; Synthetic leather; textile material. 1.The animal leather is a natural leather, leather that we used to say.


By animals (raw) through a series of physical and chemical processing into a fixed, durable material, it has a soft, tough, not easy deformation, under the influence of water dry shrinkage, damp and hot resistance, resistance to chemicals, such as performance, has good air permeability and the aging process of special advantages such as animal leather is very complicated, made the finished product leather takes dozens of working procedure: rawhide, flooding, fleshing, degreasing, hair removal – alkali leaching – inflation – deliming, softening, pickling, tanning, split, shaving, retanning, neutralizing, dyeing dry gas filling – finishing – finished leather. Animals are also very many different kinds of leather, according to the material points generally have common sheep leather, cow leather, leather, snake leather, pig leather crocodile leather, etc., can be divided into the second floor leather, according to the performance of full grain leather, suede leather, leather, film leather, composite leather, split leather finishing sex, etc. Second floor leather refers to smash the leather in the leather processing through chemical and physical methods to suppress. This kind of leather is hard, easy to break, extending degree is not enough.

Full grain leather: refers to retain and use the animal skins was surface (growth or scaly side) leather, called positive leather. Full grain, the table without finishing less directly use most is a beautify the finishing such as embossing, full grain leather requirements of the raw materials used by the disability force of high grade raw material, and the processing requirement is high also, it belongs to high grade leather, and the surface of the skin to intact in the skin, and its fast performance is good, full grain leather surface without coating or coating and very thin, keep the leather soft, elastic and good air permeability, its manufactured goods and comfortable, durable, beautiful. Suede: refers to the surface of wool shaped leather, with leather positive growth (or scaly side) into the called suede, using leather the reverse side surface (meat) by the ground into the known as the velvet, using the second skin hemp called second velvet made of leather, as there is no coating layer suede leather, its permeability is good, softness is change, but its waterproof, dustproof and raises a gender, no grain of the suede leather fast become low. Suede leather manufactures wearing comfortable, health performance is good, but in addition to oil tanning legal system into a suede leather, suede leather is easy dirty, not easy cleaning and maintenance, it is mainly used for leather shoes, leather clothing, leather bags, gloves production.


2. Mainly admirecase polyurethane synthetic leather surface, basic material such as polyester, cotton, polypropylene non-woven fabric made of synthetic fiber, has certain permeability, characteristic is bright beautiful, is not easy to mold and insects. Synthetic leather surface is smooth, tong zhang thickness, colour and lustre, strength, uniform in waterproof, acid and alkali resistance, microbial better than natural leather. But not high temperature resistant, cold, aging. Artificial leather with woven fabric, canvas, cloth, regeneration of cloth, fiber knitted fabrics, such as basement, coating with different coating material again. Commonly used are: PVC artificial leather, PVC foam leather, textile material thin canvas and cotton blended fabric, whalen cloth, plain weave, imitation of cashmere.


3. Admirecase textile material, generally refers to the textile fiber and the fiber used in the textile industry to the floorboard of the yarn and fabrics. Physical properties of textile materials mainly include: various kinds of textile material composition of the material, internal form and the basic structure and form, and textile processing performance and use, the use function associated influencing factors, quality evaluation;

Post time: Jun-02-2020
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