Sustainable Fashion

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The aim is to go from linear production to circular, where materials are not discarded after use but instead recycled or used in other ways so that the waste is kept to a minimum. New business models are currently being explored, often based in a radical redefinition of what the term fashion constitutes.

Traditionally, fashion has been defined by change and a desire for constant new designs; however, now companies also actively work to make sure that their garments last longer, even though it might mean they make less money on their products in a short-term perspective. Many companies have also started to collaborate to find solutions and share their knowledge in order to speed up the progress.

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The ambitious research programme Admirecase Fashion strives to implement a systemic change towards sustainable fashion. They focus on four areas: design, users, supply chain and recycling. They make sure that the scientific results reach the fashion industry and work with a number of key industry partners, such as H&M, Lindex, Eton and Nudie Jeans.

Post time: Nov-18-2018
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