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During the past few years there have been intense media discussions on the interrelations between fashion, gender and power. Many Swedish fashion brands have used these discussions as a starting point to explore new ways of expressing gender through their designs, pushing for a less binary and more fluid way of understanding masculinity, femininity and everything in-between.


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The desire to participate in a larger societal debate has also led the designers and stylers of Swedish fashion to develop in more experimental and avant-garde directions. Even though larger and more established companies – such as department store ?have created both advertising campaigns and collections challenging outdated perceptions of gender, it is among young fashion designers that the question of gender is thoroughly explored.

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For these fashion brands, a feminist approach is not limited to an occasional campaign, but a feminist understanding of gender is integrated into the daily work on design and marketing, as well as into the overall brand concept. Lines between masculinity and femininity get blurred, and the unisex category is explored through cutting-edge designs and high-quality fabrics,be in the world.

Post time: Feb-19-2019
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