Walking Into Nepal


Admirecase is a leading manufacturer, exporter& importer and wholesaler of OEM/ODM for garment and bags,now styles were already sold in Nepal. We offers wide range of Nepalese handmade clothing like woman clothing, skirts, summer clothing, jackets, kurtha, Trousers , tank top, Nepalese traditional garment, Woolen Clothing, and Cotton Wrapper, Ladies Half Sleeve, Ladies Long Dress, Ladies short sleeve, Tamang clothing, Newar Clothing, Rai Clothing, Magar, Clothing, Sherpa Clothing.on the other hands,the trolley case,handbags,backpacks,cosmetic bags are processed in our factories,we focus on to meet customers’ design and costs


Admirecase Industrial Co.,Ltd is fully approved and export license holder under Ministry of Industry. T-shirt and pants are big welcome in Nepal market,our partner Mr.Aryal was interested in our factory,can be one of our sole agent,due to the adverse trade condition,it is always difficult to transport goods from China,but now we build a complete freight by sea and air. FOB and CIF,DDP and DDU trade terms are all accepted,We believe that you will gain if you pay finally

Post time: Oct-18-2018
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